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Rafailas Karpis started his musical activities in the boys’ and youth choir “Ąžuoliukas“, studied at the “Ąžuoliukas“ School of Music. In 2007 he received an MA Diploma of Vocal Performance studies and graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (prof. Virgilijus Noreika‘s class). In 1999 he won 1st Prize and Grand Prix at the Young Singers of the Baltic Region competition held inTartu(Estonia). In 2003 R. Karpis made his debut at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre as Njegus in F. Lehar’s operetta “Die lustige Witwe” and has been a soloist with the LNOBT since 2007. In 2008 he won a “Švyturiai“ Award as Opera Hope of the Year and in 2010 received another Award as the best performer of supporting roles.

Rafailas Karpis is often collaborating with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra (L. Bernstein’s “Mass”, A. Honegger’s “Joan of Arc at the Stake“, etc.), performing together with the “Bohemians” troupe and at the Music Festival in Tytuvėnai, Festival of Music and Ecology “Land of the Disobedient” in Neringa. He also participated in a unique project of music and cinema “Cinemusique: Charlie Chaplin XXI”. The soloist performed in Finland,Sweden, USA, France, Slovenia, etc.


Njegus (F. Lehar “Die lustige Witwe“)
Gastone (G. Verdi “La Traviata“),
Remendado (G. Bizet “Carmen“),
Don Basilio (W. A. Mozart “Le nozze di Figaro“),
Roderigo (G. Verdi “Otello“),
Goro (G. Puccini “Madam Butterfly“),
Josef (J. Strauss “Wiener Blut“),
Jingle the Dwarf and Blowie the Wing (J. Tamulionis “The Tiny Lingonberry“),
Misail and the Boyar (M. Mussorgsky “Boris Godunovas“),
Guschia, Barnab (B. Dvarionas “Dalia“),
Triquet (P. Tchaikovsky “Eugene Onegin“),
Monostatos (W. A. Mozart “Die Zauberflöte“),
Vain Man and Snake (R. Portman “The Little Prince“),
Tobias (S. Sondheim “Sweeney Todd“),
Sundshtein (M. Petrauskas “Birutė“),
Prosecutor Corn (J. Juzeliūnas “The Game“),
The Drunkard (C. W. Gluck “The Reformed Drunkard“)
Cosmetic Merchant, Alchemist, Inquisitor, Judge, Achmet, Captain, the Crook, Senor (L. Bernstein “Candide”)
Blind (J. Strauss „Die Fledermaus”),
Nobleman of Brabant (R. Wagner “Lohengrin”) etc.


Date Event title Start at Place
2022-01-30 FIVE MIRACLES OF MARY 12:00 Rescheduled from 2021-02-21 Tickets
2022-02-03 EUGENE ONEGIN 18:30 Rescheduled from 2021-05-06 Tickets
2022-02-04 EUGENE ONEGIN 18:30 Rescheduled from 2021-05-07 Tickets
2022-02-15 La traviata 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Tickets
2022-02-18 La traviata 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Tickets
2022-02-24 CARMEN 18:30 Rescheduled from 2021-01-27 Tickets
2022-02-25 CARMEN 18:30 Rescheduled from 2021-01-28 Tickets
2022-02-26 CARMEN 18:30 Rescheduled from 2021-01-29 Tickets
2022-03-17 Der Rosenkavalier 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Tickets
2022-03-18 Der Rosenkavalier 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Tickets
2022-03-19 Der Rosenkavalier 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Tickets
2022-04-24 THE TINY LINGONBERRY 12:00 Rescheduled from 2020-11-08 Tickets
2022-05-04 CANDIDE 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Tickets
2022-05-05 CANDIDE 18:30 Rescheduled from 2021-02-25 Tickets
2022-05-06 CANDIDE 18:30 Rescheduled from 2021-02-26 Tickets
2022-05-07 CANDIDE 18:30 Rescheduled from 2021-02-27 Tickets
2022-05-29 THE TINY LINGONBERRY 12:00 LNOBT Main Stage Tickets
Date Event title Start at Place
2019-01-09 CARMEN 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Expired
2019-01-10 CARMEN 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Expired
2019-03-08 TURANDOT 18:33 LNOBT Main Stage Expired
2019-03-09 TURANDOT 18:00 LNOBT Main Stage Expired
2019-03-14 DER FLIEGENDE HOLLÄNDER 18:30 LNOBT Main Stage Expired

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