La serva padrona

July 01, 2022 August 27, 2022
Running time approx. 50 min.
La serva padrona


Gediminas Šeduikis
Set Designer
Sigita Šimkūnaitė
Costume Designer
Ugnė Tamuliūnaitė
Olga Taškinaitė

Everyone knows that it is by no means possible to move the productions of the LNOBT, which has the most spacious stage in the country, to smaller halls. However, it is possible to produce an opera so that it can be adapted for display... on a truck!  And such an opera has already been staged: the one-act comic opera “La serva padrona” by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi will be waiting for its audiences in the squares of Lithuanian cities and towns.

The plot of the 50-minute-long opera “La serva padrona” about a maid aspiring to become a housewife, ingeniously fooling her master, is perhaps unsophisticated, but it always causes many waves of laughter. Love and wittiness finally triumph: everyone gathered by the truck turn into wedding guests of the maid and the master.

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