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Opera / Ballet


October 03, 2024 October 05, 2024
LNOBT Main Stage
An opera-ballet in 3 acts. Running time 2.40 hrs.


Feliksas Bajoras
Rimantas Šavelis
Music Director and Conductor
Gintaras Rinkevičius
Director and Choreographer
Martynas Rimeikis
Set Designer
Marijus Jacovskis
Lighting Designer
Levas Kleinas
Costume Designer
Elvita Brazdylytė
Chorus Master
Česlovas Radžiūnas

Opera-ballet “Lamb of God“, composed by Feliksas Bajoras and based on a 1982 Rimantas Šavelis’ novel of the same name, was named one of the best operas of the previous century by Polish musicologist Krzysztof Droba. Despite that, due to its subject and libretto describing Resistance and fate of people in afterwar Lithuania, the piece had to wait nearly four decades for its premiere. Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, in collaboration with Lithuanian State Symphony

Orchestra and maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius, took it upon themselves to bring this spectacular piece to life.

The director of this double genre production is choreographer Martynas Rimeikis whose work already received several Lithuanian theatre awards and two of his works are shown on Mezzo TV.

Opera-ballet “Lamb of God” depicts country life in the afterwar Lithuania. The piece masterfully depicts the atmosphere of unease, fear, and uncertainty about tomorrow. It shows a compelling drama of village cobbler who is desperately trying to stay honest. “Man, desperate for material goods, will not receive them. We all are going to the beyond and will not be able to bring any of our material belongings with us. Thus, it is crucial to stay spiritually pure,” – opera-ballet composer F. Bajoras describes the idea for the piece.