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Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Grand Courtyard
Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Ever since the first LNOBT Open, we have been inviting guest artists to the festival and are always happy to welcome them. This year, one of the world's most famous ballet companies Béjart Ballet Lausanne, founded by choreographer Maurice Béjart, will be a guest at the festival. In Vilnius, the legendary company will present three stunning ballet performances.

Alors on danse…! (chor. Gil Roman, music by John Zorn, Citypercussion, Bob Dylan muziką). Choreographer Gil Roman says about this ballet: "We wanted light in these troubled times. Based on classical technique, I created a sequence of choreographies, which had the sole purpose – the pleasure of dancing!"

7 danses Grecques (chor. Maurice Béjart, music by Mikis Theodorakis). The Greek dances created by Mr. Béjart do not illustrate or reproduce traditional Greek folklore, but reveal the inner strength of the traditional creativity of the Greek people. According to the choreographer, in Greek dances, he tried to borrow as little as possible from authentic Greek dance steps, some used only two or three steps, some used none. But it was those dances that became the most popular and "Greek"!

Boléro (chor. Maurice Béjart, music by Maurice Ravel) – the legendary work of Maurice Béjart, premiered in 1961 at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels, and to this day this choreographic masterpiece remains in the repertoire of M. Béjart's company, surprising everyone with its breathtaking aesthetics.