National Theatre Brno Ballet Triptych

Grand Courtyard
National Theatre Brno Ballet Triptych

In 2022 LNOBT Open festival welcome the Ballet of National Theatre Brno. It is the second largest and most important ballet company in the Czech Republic, with a repertoire of classical and neoclassical productions as well as modern dance performances. At the LNOBT Open Festival, the Brno Ballet presents three one-act ballets.

Rhapsody in Blue, composed by George Gershwin for piano and orchestra, is definitely known to everyone. Based on this music, choreographer Markéta Habalová created her own vision of life as gameplay.

Gnawa is a ballet choreographed by Nacho Duato. With a suggestive musical score replete with Spanish and North African sounds, Gnawa captivates its audience through its all-encompassing power and its sensual elegance, combining the spirituality and organic rhythm. Gnawa is the name that refers to the members of different mystic Muslim brotherhoods in Morocco and other parts of the Magreb, characterized by their sub-Saharan origin and the use of song, dance and syncretic rituals as the means of reaching ecstasy.

The third ballet is Mario Radačovský’s Rossini. It is an extract from Radačovsky’s ballet Michelangelo. The bodies of six male dancers, sculptures or inspirations… To a certain extent, it is also a slight caricature of musculature as such, of ideas and ideals. It is purely about the male element, also explaining how fantasy and reality exist at the same time.