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Inspiring Hope, the Largest Theatre of the Country Shall Glow Green

Inspiring Hope, the Largest Theatre of the Country Shall Glow Green

LNOBT contributes to the beautiful initiative of Nordic theatres: symbolizing the anticipation of victory against the COVID-19 pandemic and thanking all those who contribute to it, the facades of theatre buildings in Europe are illuminated in green. This hopeful accent will grace the centre of Vilnius on 15 April at 9 p.m.

While the stages are drowning in darkness, the theatre buildings themselves are theatrically lit. The initiative, born at the Tampere Opera in Finland, soon reached Estonia, where it was supported by the Estonian National Opera in Tallinn and the Vanemuine Theatre in Tartu, and has now come to Lithuania.

Theatres in different countries that are undergoing quarantine are "going green" not on one specific evening, but on various days convenient for them. It is expected that the 15th of April action in Lithuania will coincide with the Government's decision to relax the conditions of universal quarantine in the country, which will further encourage the population to believe in the impending end of the fight against the coronavirus.

“Although these solutions will not revive our stages, the green colour symbolizing hope will also draw attention to the theatre building, which has been standing without visitors for a month. We miss our audience, but we realize that we are not the most important people in the country right now.  With this campaign, we would first of all like to thank everyone who contributes to the management of the epidemic on a daily basis: medical personnel, police officers, cadets, volunteers, supporters of various relief campaigns. Their dedicated work shall determine when all Lithuanian theatres will be able to open their doors again, ” - says Jonas Sakalauskas, General Manager of the LNOBT.