Johann Strauss


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Operetta in 3 acts (performed in Lithuanian)

Libretto by Victor Léon and Leo Stein, translated into Lithuanian by Antanas Gailius and Eduardas Astramskas

Conductors Martynas Staškus
Director and Choreographer Monika Wiesler (Austria)
Designer Eldor Renter (Estonia)
Chorus Master Česlovas Radžiūnas

Premiere: 7 February 1998

“Let’s make love, not war”, declared participants of the Congress of Vienna in the fall of 1814, acting as main characters in this operetta. Wiener Blut is Johann Strauss’s third operetta that has triumphantly travelled across the world. “In contrast to the tedium of daily routines, operetta is an entertainment and merrymaking!”, said the director of this performance. Written to a humorous and mirthful libretto, full of amusing intrigues, this music displays a string of uplifting motives that are sung, hummed and whistled around the world to a rhythm of waltz.

Approx. running time: 3h 10min