Modestas Musorgskis



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An opera in prologue and 7 scenes (2parts)

Music Director and Conductor Robertas Šervenikas
Director Mariusz Treliński (Poland)
Designer Boris Kudlicka (Slovakia)
Costume Designer Magdalena Musiał (Poland)
Lighting Designer Marc Heinz (Holland)
Choreographer Tomasz Wygoda (Poland) 
Dramaturg Piotr Gruszczyński (Poland) 
Authors of the Video Projections Jacek Poremba, Krzysztof Rudz (Poland)
Chorus Master Česlovas Radžiūnas

Premiere: 29 February, 2008

Not recommended for children under 14

“Godunov is a work of art concerning Russia and its Orthodox soul. However, this opera also touches universal themes which are closely connected with authority: its conquest, administration and rejection. It is a modern power game. In this game, which is in fact a life-and-death struggle, sentiments and obligations have no power. Everyone wants and needs to get his own piece. It makes no difference if one is on the top or on the bottom of this pyramid of cruelty.

Power game is an extensive show. It destroys us, but we still like to watch it as well as participate. We are all participating in it every single day.” 

~ Piotr Gruszczyński