Richard Wagner


Price: - €.

Opera in 3 acts, sung in German

Music Director and Condctor Robertas Šervenikas
Conductor Alvydas Šulčys
Director Andrejs Žagars (Latvia)
Set Designer Reinis Suhanovs (Latvia)
Costume Designer Kristine Pasternaka (Latvia)
Lighting Designer Kevin Wyn-Jones (United Kingdom)
Choreographer Elita Bukovska (Latvia)

A co-production between the LNOBT and the Slovak National Theatre

Premiere: 22 March, 2013

“’Lohengrin’ is a story of love and hate, of a ferocious longing for power – and how one looses all last bits of humanity while fighting for it. It is a story about the mission of love and the hunger for power.

We are trying to translate this story into the language of the people of today, so that they could relax and enjoy the magic of music without disturbance. We are also trying to make this story more specific and believable. We don't want to present you with an unbelievable ancient saga embellished with mystical elements – our goal is to show a very human story. Opera can be very beautiful, but boring. I wish to make the audience to experience everything that is happening onstage, to bring them to the catharsis – to make them believe. A production needs to be of good aesthetic taste, stylistically accurate and clear. The interpretation and the concept of the production need to be merged with the music and the story. Isn't that so?”

~ Director Andrejs Žagars