Artūras Novikas


For Children

Price: - €.

Chamber Hall

Director – Eglė Kižaitė
Composer – Artūras Novikas
Librettist – Severina Špakovska
Costume designer– Janina Zibireva
Actors: Rūta Žibaitytė, Paulina Simutytė, Gintarė Kulikauskytė, Jovita Skardžiūtė, Danguolė Petrikaitė, Zigmantas Baranauskas, Aidas Barkauskas, Tomas Alenčikas.
Musicians: Mantas Meškerys (bass guitar), Daimantas Lukošiūnas (percussion)

The educational family musical „Into the yard!”, presented by the Youth musical theatre, is based upon the tale of V. V. Landsbergis "How Zita, the mouse, saved the world”. Main aim of the musical is to draw the attention of young audience to sore nature polution problems, existing in their nearest environment – in a nearby yard, where everybody enjoys hanging out together with their friends.

"Into the yard!” tells us about an unexpected waste hurricane at Zita‘s and her friends‘s yard. All the games suddenly become unpleasant. Ofcourse, the question of "who‘s guilty“ occures! However the musical promotes cooperation instead of making excuses! Main characters of the musical decide to save the yard overcoming the all-destroying waste storm.

In case of a disaster, young creators, suggest uniting everybody‘s efforts in solving the problems, taking resonsibility for your actions towards an envronment, instead of looking for the guilty ones. All of the problems appear smaller and easier to overcome, while working hand in hand!

The mission of the musical is to nurture ones responsibility for ones actions towards the world we live in, earth we walk on, and the yard we hang out in. This show seeks to build an understanding that every present action has consequences and an impact to our future.

The creative team adresses young spectators via the introduction of the elements of contemporary street culture into the musical genre. The musical is being staged at the indoor skate-park, what is more appropriate for the young audience than the formal theatre hall. Besides the skate-park‘s ramps are being used as the set design for the musical, at the same time escaping the necessity of the production of new set-design, what could become a waste in future.

Target audience – 7-16 year olds and attending family members.