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Choreographic Miniatures by LNOBT's Ballet Artists
Concert - Evening of Debuts


“Choreographic workshops should be an integral part of any ballet company that strives to form its unique creative image. Without new paths, original means of expression, even new dance language, ballet would turn into a truly unremarkable form of art that doesn’t offer any surprises or challenges to the audience. The principal ballet company of the country should not only perform the grand, widely acknowledged work, but also look for distinctive, exceptional ideas, introduce works by new choreographers, preferably coming from the company itself. It is necessary to create a space where choreographic talents could reveal and improve themselves. This is why, when I became the Artistic Director of Ballet at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, one of my first initiatives was to establish choreographic workshops that would be held every year.


This project is essential not only to the improvement of our audiences and the ballet company, but also to those dancers who think of their future with maturity and responsibility, carefully planning their lives after the completion of the career on stage. These dancers shall feel what is it like to be a choreographer, to plan an event, publish a booklet, design costumes, perform technical work on stage, etc.” 

~ Krzysztof Pastor