Price: 7 - 60 €.

Vilnius Festival 2017

Closing of the Festival
Dance and percussion show Snow, Moon and Flowers
DADADADAN TENKO drummers (Japan)
Percussionists: Akira Sakaue, Kanako Otani, Renma Ikei, Anri Kobayashi, Moeka Hironiwa, Shun Nishijima, Hideki Sakurai, Tsuzuki Ushio
Artistic Director and Choreographer ISAYA MONDORI
Lighting Designer QUINTUS VISSER
Sound Engineer RICHARD BAS

Snow, moon and flowers, a topic in classical Japanese art and literature, refers to the seasons of the year, the link between past, presence and future. Tonight the Vilnius Festival presents Snow, Mood and Flowers spectacle of traditional Japanese drums and other instruments in which rhythm and movement depicting various states, moods and even rituals are the main characters. Taiko is a form of traditional Japanese percussion involving big drums. Created about a thousand years ago, the drums were used in an attempt to earn a kind disposition of goods and spirits. Later these drums were involved in traditional spectacles of No and Kabuki theatre. Eventually, taiko has become a musical art form combining musical ensemble and very specific kind of movements. This type of taiko is known around the world today; its distinct feature is dynamic performance.
A renowned Japanese dancer Isaya Mondori formed Dadadadan Tenko in 1987. He has studied Japanese dance almost 20 years. In 1985, the dancer decided to free himself from the conservative traditions of stage art and become an independent artist in search for his individual dance style. Mondori combined the powerful sound of taiko drums and elements of dance, and thus Tenko was born.
Dadadadan Tenko is a modern collective uniting traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. “Therefore, in our performances we combine our playing with various elements of drama and entertainment scene”, says Mondori, the artistic director of the group. Since its debut, Dadadadan Tenko has been keeping the audiences spellbound around the globe. The members of the group are experts of Japanese drums and other traditional instruments (three-stringed guitar shamisen, transverse bamboo flute shinobue, etc.). Dadadadan Tenko’s young, expressive and energetic performers invite to a rhythmical-musical journey. The audience will be introduced to the cleansing dance accompanied by drums, flutes and ritual bells. The cleansing dance clears from evil spirits and invites happiness. As the archaic communication means, taiko drums will unite the musicians on stage and listeners in the hall. Japanese drums and rhythms of western rock percussion will fuse into one whole; with the help of theatrical movements the percussionists will narrate about joy, anger and sadness, courage and passion in facing the future. “Tenko attempts to cheer the audience up and elevate it into another emotional level. We want to share at least a part of our energy and cheerfulness with the audience. We hope, that we will enchant the listeners and inspire them to begin the new day in good spirits”, says Mondori.