CARMEN ballet

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a ballet in 2 acts to the music by G. Bizet

Choreographer  Didy Veldman (The Netherlands)
Music Director and Conductor Modestas Barkauskas
Conductor Juozas Mantas Jauniškis
Designer  Kimie Nakano (UK)
Light Designer Ben Ormerod (UK)

Premiere 29 November, 2013

I was thrilled when Krzysztof Pastor, the Artistic Director of the company, asked me to remount "Carmen". "Carmen" was originally a production I created for Northern Ballet Theatre from the UK in ’99. I was also delighted that Krzysztof gave me the opportunity to re-work my choreography, change the set and costumes and work with a classical ballet company, which is something I rarely do. This has made for a lovely change and presented new challenges. This process has led me to approach my choreography from a new perspective and been an incredible experience.

What I am interested in as a director and choreographer is trying to find a physical language to express the story of Carmen. The combination of the music and dramatic content gives opportunity for a large range of movements and emotions. I have found that Bizet has a lot of irony and almost comedy in his music and I wanted to bring this to the forefront. This creates an interesting contrast with the darker and softer musical sections and helps the dramatic development of the work. Movement wise I have concentrated on earthy and grounded choreography, there is a strong connection with the floor due to Carmen’s spirit being embedded within the natural elements.

~ Didy Veldman