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Ballet in 3 acts

Music by Sergei Prokofiev, arranged by Julian Philips

Choreographer and Director Michael Corder (UK)
Music Director and Conductor Martynas Staškus
Conductor Alvydas Šulčys
Designer Mark Bailey (UK)
Lighting Designer Paul Pyant (UK)

Premiere: 16 May, 2014 

"I’d had the idea of creating a ballet of ‘The Snow Queen’ for many years,“ – says M. Corder. “I had always thought Hans Christian Andersen’s original fairy tale beautiful and fascinating in its mythological feel and the way it deals with nature. For me, the key to creating this ballet was Sergei Prokofiev’s music for ‘The Stone Flower’, composed in 1948, as I had always loved Prokofiev’s music and had a special affection for this score in particular ever since I first heard it as a teenager. Listening to the score of ‘The Stone Flower’, I was free to make my own associations with this wonderful music. The various rustic, magical and wintry sounding elements in the score seemed to me to lend themselves completely naturally to the requirements of ‘The Snow Queen’ story. And so the idea stayed on the shelf until I felt the time was right to finally develop it as a full-length ballet.”

Michael Corder is one of the world’s leading classical choreographers and follows in a distinguished line of British dance creators that include Sir Frederick Ashton and Sir Kenneth MacMillan. He has been successfully making works for dance for four decades, and his ballets are in the repertoire of UK and foreign companies alike. Corder’s choreography is distinctively and fluently musical and he is not afraid to use the full range of the classical vocabulary as the foundation for each work he creates. Firmly believing in the institution of ballet and the creativity it can stimulate, the choreographer asserts he “loathes the attitude that classical ballet is an elitist art form with no relevance for today’s audiences and society in general.” This commendable devotion to his art means that Corder has become one of the most prolific and accomplished choreographers working today.