Adolphe Adam



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Ballet in 2 acts

Choreography by Jules Perrot, Jean Coralli and Marius Petipa

Production Choreographer Oleg Vinogradov (Russia)
Conductors Robertas Šervenikas, Alvydas Šulčys
Designer Igor Ivanov (Russia)

Premiere: 14 June 1985

A legend about dead brides who cannot rest in peace without rising every night from their graves and turning into mysterious dancers, called wilis. Bereft of any human feeling, except for an insatiable passion for dance, they rise, at midnight, from their graves and haunt the woods. No young man survives their encounter at this hour: he would drop dead from exhaustion in a ceaseless frenzy of their dance… Written down by Heinrich Heine, this folk legend was to become a basis for a hauntingly beautiful romantic ballet whose epoch-making choreography and luscious music made Giselle one of the most popular ballets of all time, and its title role – one of the most sought-after roles in the ballet repertoire.

Performance running time: 2h 15min