Georg Friedrich Handel


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Music Director and Conductor Rolf Beck (Germany)
Conductor Vytautas Lukočius
Director Csaba Káe (Hungary)
Set Designer  Éva Szendrényi (Hungary)
Costume Designer Juozas Statkevičius
Video Designer László Zsolt Bordos (Hungary)
Light Designer Levas Kleinas
Chorus Master Česlovas Radžiūnas


Premiere: 20 June, 2014


"Alexander’s Feast" is one of the most popular works by George Frideric Handel that was very well received by the public already after its premiere at the Opera of Covent Garden (London) in 1736. It is Handel’s first work that was written after the text of English poet John Dryden; moreover, during the first concerts this work was performed exclusively by English artists, and thus the oratorio (referred to as “ode” by the composer) gained a national undercolour and was often presented to mark various celebrations. During the span of Handel’s life "Alexander’s Feast" was performed 54 times, 28 of which were conducted by the composer himself.  

To present the oratorio in Lithuania, a theatrical staging has been chosen. Vilnius Festivals and LNOBT had a similar experience in the past, when in 2007 the stage of Vilnius was graced by J. S. Bach’s "Johannespassion", directed by the American theatre genius Robert Wilson. The production received immensely good reviews from the theatregoers, Lithuanian cultural society and foreign critics. Striving to preserve and continue the tradition, Vilnius Festivals is once again initiating the staging of an oratorio that should be interesting to the appreciators of high-quality art in Lithuania and abroad, as well as critics and all those who have an eye for exclusive musical and theatrical events.

An exclusive creative team of professional artists was brought together to raise Handel’s "Alexander’s Feast" to life. Music director and conductor of the production is Rolf Beck (who was also leading the production of "Johannespassion" in 2007), the staging shall be directed by Csaba Kael, with stage designs by Éva Szendrényi and costume designs by Juozas Statkevičius. The premiere of the oratorio is set for 20, 21 June 2014. It is a co-production with the Palace of Arts in Budapest.  

The uniqueness of this staging of "Alexander’s Feast" is hidden in its courageous experiments with the means of time and space that overstep the usual boundaries of traditional theatre.