Sergej Prokofjev


Price: - €

Ballet in 2 acts

Libretto by Willem Bruls, Krzysztof Pastor

Choreographer Krzysztof Pastor
Music Director and Conductor Modestas Pitrėnas
Conductor Modestas Barkauskas 
Set and Costume Designer Tatyana van Walsum
Video and Lighting Designers Bert Dalhuysen,  Wijnand van der Horst

Premiere: 28 October, 2016

"Prokofiev’s music is brilliant. Shakespeare is brilliant. Their genius lies in the fact that they are still relevant. I haven’t taken up this text because I want to offend someone or because I want to shock people. I simply want to show how well the story fits our own situation. The story of Romeo and Juliet can, I think, speak to a rebellious teenager, a tired advertising agency employee, a teacher seeking new interpretations, a student browsing for new iPad applications and a mother bringing up three children. I want to speak to ordinary people struggling with their everyday problems."

Choreographer Krzysztof Pastor