Johann Sebastian Bach


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Music Director and Conductor Rolf Beck (Germany)
Director, Set and Lighting Designer, Choreographer Robert Wilson (USA)
Costume Designer Frida Parmeggiani (Italy)
Choreographer of the Solo Dances Lucinda Childs (USA)
Chorus Master Česlovas Radžiūnas

A co-production of Theatre du Chatelet Paris, LNOBT and Vilnius festival '2007

Premiere at Theatre du Chatelet: 28 March 2007
Premiere at LNOBT: 14 June 2007

In today’s world baroque music is experiencing its resurrection, however, it is more often performed in concert halls rather than in theatres. Passion – the story of Jesus Christ’s torment that is usually being read on the Good Friday – has changed its face many times over the years, but it always had some features of the theatrical art. This time “Johannespassion” was undertaken by Theatre du Chatelet and Robert Wilson, which makes this event even more exciting and intriguing.

Robet Wilson (b. 1941) is one of today’s most famous theatre artists. Having started his career back in the 60’s, he still mesmerizes the audiences with unique point of view and an incredible flow of imagination. Probably the most fashionable director of today, R. Wilson is well known for his exclusive and incredibly impressive theatrical visions as well as for rigorous style of working.

In this version of “Johannespassion”, R. Wilson is not only the director, but also choreographer, stage and lighting designer. Previously he has also applied his striking formal language to the operatic repertoire including Parsifal in Hamburg (1991), Houston (1992), and Los Angeles (2005); The Magic Flute (1991), Madame Butterfly (1993); and Lohengrin at the Metropolitan Opera in New York (1998 & 2006).

“Johannespassion” premiered at Theatre du Chatelet in March and immediately caused many discussions in the Parisian art society and between the critics. It is very difficult to classify R. Wilson’s theatre when it comes to theoretical descriptions of theatrical art. However, it can be said that the undeniable talent of this artist sparkles in the aesthetics and structures of the post-modernist theatre. Movement, word, light and unexpected mixes of these elements create the most incredible, enchanting new forms of theatrical processes. This production of “Johannespassion” is full of such processes - filled with unique charm, it makes the viewers experience new realities and spaces.