Igor Morozov


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Ballet in 3 acts for children

Libretto by P. Abolimov after Korney Tchiukovsky’s story

Choreography by Mikhail Moiseyev and Klavdiya Salnikova
Renewed version by Česlovas Žebrauskas
Renewed Choreography by Leokadija Askelovičiūtė, Liana Dislere, Borisas Martinkevičius, Aleksandras Semionovas, Lidija Tamulevičienė
Conductor Alvydas Šulčys
Set Designer Danute Ūsaite
Costume Designer Liucija Carneckaite

Premiere: 2 November 1978; production renewed in 1992

A funny ballet for children about the kind-hearted doctor Ouchaches and his trip to Africa to cure ill monkeys. There he was entrapped by the wicked pirates’ chief Barmaley. Fortunately, he manages to escape coming back to his friends, alive and well.

Performance running time: 2h 15min