Piotr Čaikovskij



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Ballet in 2 acts

Choreogrpher Krzysztof Pastor
Music Director and Conductor Martynas Staškus

Conductor Modestas Barkauskas
Designer Viačeslav Okunev


Premiere: 21 November, 2014

A ballet full of mystery and miracles, poetry and beauty, and wonderful dreams that come true on Christmas Eve by the green fir tree…

“While creating duets, Krzysztof Pastor is merciless – dancers must overcome all difficulties. The partner must be able to hold his better half, to turn her in the air and carry her from one end of the stage to another. Dancers must look aristocratic, but at the same time, they must also be very strong and possess exceptional stamina, in order to successfully finish the first part (Adagio) and immediately continue with the variation. It is a truly difficult challenge, which is offered to the dancers in almost every duet of from grand classical ballet repertoire.
One of the performers was Olga Konošenko. She‘s exceptional!
The entire production can be described as spectacular: it creates a magical atmosphere, charms the audience with the beauty of elegant and playful costumes.” (Margarita Medina, “Dance” 2015 February, France)