pagal L. van Beethoveno ir G. Mahlerio muz.



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Ballet in 2 acts to the music by
Ludwig van Beethoven and Gustav Mahler (on tape)

Choreographer and Librettist Boris Eifman (Russia)
Designer Viacheslav Okunev (Russia)

Premiere: 1 October 2003

Boris Eifman’s ballet theatre is already well-known in Lithuania: his previous production of Red Giselle at the LNOBT has stunned and captivated ballet audiences for three successive seasons. Now we are happy to invite you to the second LNOBT’s premiere of this outstanding artist who was recently hailed as ‘the best 20th-century choreographer’ by the American ballet critics.

The locale of this performance is set back to Russia of the late 18th century – to the reign of Catherine II and her son Paul I, a tsar of tragic fate whose reign lasted barely four years and who was frequently dubbed ‘Russian Hamlet’. The relationships between the queen and her son became the point of departure for this magnificent drama that reveals a complex period of Russian history. These personalities of great passions and tragic fates were also highly conducive to expressing some universal ideas, such as the uniqueness of human soul, which developed into an inimitably staggering dance performance.

Approx. running time: 2h