Ballet soloists / Principal Soloists

Romas Ceizaris


Romas Ceizaris graduated from the National M. K. Čiurlionis Scool of Arts Ballet Department in 2005. He became a soloist with the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theatre in 2004, when he was still a student. Mr. Ceizaris prepared main roles in such ballets as “The Sleeping Beauty” (Prince Desire), “Swan Lake” (Prince Siegfried, pas de trois), “La Bayadère” (Solor), “Romeo and Juliet” (Paris), “Peter Pan” (Shadow), “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (Dwarf), “Giselle” (Pas de deux) and others. He participated in a ballet competition “ARABESK 2006” in Perm (Russia) and became a finalist. Together with the LNOBT’s troupe he danced in Poland, Latvia and Spain. In 2009 R. Ceizaris was bestowed a “Švyturys” award as the Best Ballet Soloist of the Year.

Repertoire includes:

Prince Desire ("The Sleeping Beauty“)
Siegfried, Pas de trois ("Swan Lake“)
Solor ("La Bayadere“) 
Romeo, Paris ("Romeo and Juliet“) 
Prince ("Cinderella“)
Cipollino ("Cipollino“)
Dwarf ("Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”) 
Pas de deux ("Giselle“)
James ("La Sylphide“)
Prince ("Nutcracker“),
Gorvenal ("Tristan and Isolde") etc. 



Inga Cibulskytė

In 2001 Inga Cibulskytė graduated from the Ballet Department of the M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts, since that same year she has also been dancing with the Ballet Company of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. In 2005 she graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre as an Actor - Choreographer.

In 2004 she was awarded the Konstantinas Stašys prize, in 2006 she was bestowed the award of Jurgis Žalkauskas, president of the Association of Lithuanians living in Australia. In 2005 Ms. Cibulskytė won the "Švyturiai" Award as Ballet Hope of the Year, one year later - as Female Ballet Soloist of the Year.

Together with the LNOBT she has toured Spain, Italy, England, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc.

Repertoire includes:
Soloist ("Carmina Burana“)
Solo duets ("Evening of American Choreographers“)
Fairy ("A Midsummer Night's Dream“)
Amore, variation ("Don Quixote“)
A Friend, Wilis ("Giselle“)
White Kitten, Fairy of Joy, Princess Florine ("The Sleeping Beauty”)
Little Swan, pas de trois ("Swan Lake“)
Kiti ("Anna Karenina“)
Emilia ("Desdemona“)
Cinderella ("Cinderella“)
Snow White ("Show White and the Seven Dwarfs“)
Clara ("Coppelia“)
Natalie ("Russian Hamlet“)
Gamzatti ("La Bayadere“)
Marie ("Nutcracker“)
Juliet ("Romeo and Juliet“)
Anna ("The Blue Danube“),

Isolde ("Tristan and Isolde"),
Desdemona („Desdemona"),
Maria („Čiurlionis"),
Micaela („Carmen")  etc. 


Anastasija Čumakova


Anastasia Čumakova graduated from the Choreography School in Perm (Russia) and received a diploma cum laude in 1998. That same year she was accepted into the ballet troupe of the Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Chelyabinsk. In 2001 she received a diploma at the 1st International Contest for Young Ballet Artists in Kazan. She also worked at the Cairo National Opera in Egypt.

In 2003 she became a soloist with the Krasnoyarsk’s Opera and Ballet Theatre. In 2004 she received 1st price at the Contest for Young Russian Ballet Dancers held in Krasnodar. Two years later she started working at the Theatre of Classical Choreography in Moscow, while in 2008 she became a soloist with the LNOBT. 

Ms. Čumakova performed in India, China, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Spain and elsewhere.

In 2009 she was bestowed a “Švyturys” Award as the Female Ballet Soloist of the Year.

Repertoire includes:
Bayadere, Gamzatti ("La Bayadere"), 
Marie ("Nutcracker“, 
Aurora ("The Sleeping Beauty)“, 
Silfidė ("La Sylphide"), 
Giselle ("Giselle"), 
Clara ("Coppelia"), 
Odette and Odille ("Swan Lake“), 
Kitri ("Don Quixote"),
Osilde ("Tristan and Isolde")
Sofia („Čiurlionis")
Carmen („Carmen")
Juliet ("Romeo and Juliet") etc. 

Kristina Gudžiūnaitė

Ms. Kristina Gudžiūnaitė was born in 1989. In 2008 she graduated from the Ballet Department of the M. K. Čiurlionis‘ School of Arts (teachers B. Tomaševičienė and Jurij Melnikov). In 2008-2009 she also studied at the Ballett-Akademie Heinz Bosl-Stiftung in Munich, Germany (teachers Hans-Joachim Metz, Konstanze Vernon, Kirill Melnikov). To improve her skills further, she participated in intensive dance courses held at the Royal Ballet School Covent Garden (2007) and education programme at the Australian ballet and Syndey opera house.

In 2009-2010 Ms. Gudžiūnaitė was a member of corps de ballet at the Hong Kong Ballet, taking part in such ballets as “Giselle”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Nutcracker”, “La Bayadere”, “Symphony in 3 Movements”, Effi („La Sylphide"), Osilde („Tristan and Isolde"), Vilisa („Gisel"), Frasqiita („Carmen") etc.

Since 2010 she has also been a soloist with the ballet company of the LNOBT. Her roles include Clara’s friend, Doll and Clara (“Coppelia”), Blue bird pas de deux and Jewel Variation (“Sleeping Beauty”), Bianca (“Desdemona”), 1st variation in "Shadow Trio" (“La Bayadere“),Pas de troix in "Swan Lake", Osilde ("Tristan and Isolde"), Marie ("The Nurcracker"), Gerda ("The Snow Queen"), Eglė ("Eglė the Queen of Grass Snakes"), Juliet ("Romeo and Juliet"), etc.

In 2008 Ms. Gudžiūnaitė became a semi-finalist in the Prix de Lausanne (Switzerland), she also won the 1st Prize at the International ballet competition in Grasse (France, 2006). She was awarded 1st Prize and Public Favourite Prize at the Stora Daldansen (Sweden), and Young Ballet Talent Prize bestowed by the Australian foundation.

Olga Konošenko


Olga Konošenko was born in Vilnius on January 1, 1978. After graduating from the Vilnius M.K. Čiurlionis School of Arts in 1996, she joined the Ballet Company of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. In 2002 she won diploma and special prize for musicality at the Perm International Ballet Competition "Arabesk". The same year she received an award of Jurgis Žalkauskas, a chairman of an Australian Ballet Society and became a winner of the "Švyturiai" prize as the Ballet Hope of the Year, in2007,  2010, 2011 and 2016 she became a winner of the "Švyturiai" prize as the Female Ballet Soloist of the Year.

She has toured with the Ballet company of the LNOBT to Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, USA, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Holland, Denmark etc.


Repertoire includes:
Raymonda ("Raymonda")
Egle("Eglė, the Queen of Grass-Snakes") 
Mari ("The Nutcracker") 
Odette and Odile ("Swan lake")
Ekaterina("Russian Hamlet")
Capuletti ("Romeo and Juliet")
The Queen of the Dryads, Grand Pas ("Don Quixote")
Magnolia ("Cipollino")
Lilac Fairy ("The Sleeping Beauty")
Snow White ("Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs")
Venus ("Walpurgis Night")
Cinderella ("Cinderella")
Soloist ("Acid city")
Soloist ("Carmina Burana")
Mirhta ("Giselle")
Lucia ("Venecian Masquerade")
Ipolitta and Titania ("A Midsummer Night’s Dream")
Ballerina (“Red Giselle”)
Olympia (“Coppelia”)
Sylphide (“La Sylphide”)
Gamzatti (“La Bayadere”),
Blanchefleur („Tristan and Isolde"),
Sofia, Bronislava („Čiurlionis"),
Carmen („Carmen")
Snow Queen ("The Snow Queen"), etc. 

Haruka Ohno

Haruka Ohno attended the Niigata ballet school in Japan and “Escola danca do conservatorio nacional” in Portugal. In 2011 she was accepted into the ballet company of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.


Repertoire includes: Radish-girl (“Cipollino”), Marie (“The Nutcracker” by K. Pastor), Columbine and Chinese dance (“The Nutcracker” by A. Melanjyin), Pas de trois and Small swan (“Swan Lake”), Variation, Grand pas (“La Bayadere”), Jewel, Fairy of Goodness (“The Sleeping Beauty”), Fox and Sprite (“The Snow Queen”), Friend (“Coppelia”), Snow White ("Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"), Mercedes („Carmen"), Kitri, Friend, Queen of Dryads ("Don Quixote"), Juliet's friend ("Romeo and Juliet"), Aspen ("Eglė the Queen of Grass Snakes"), Willis ("Giselle'),  etc.   

Martynas Rimeikis

In 1999 Martynas Rimeikis graduated from the Ballet Department of the M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts and in that same year became a soloist with the Ballet Company of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. In 2007 he won the "Švyturiai" Award as Ballet Hope of the Year, and in 2011 won the "Švyturiai" Award as the Male Ballet Soloist of the Year.

Mr. Rimeikis has toured the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, etc.

Repertoire includes:
Espada ("Don Quixote“), 
Yorgos ("Zorba the Greek“), 
Hilarion ("Giselle“), 
Chekist ("Red Giselle“), 
Othello ("Desdemona“),
Franz, the Count ("The Blue Danube“),
Žygimantas Augustas ("Barbora Radvilaitė“),
Prince Lemon ("Cipollino“),
Nathanael ("Coppelia“),
Gurn ("La Sylphide“),
King Mark, Rivalen („Tristan and Isolde") ,
Čiurlionis („Čiurlionis"),
Don Chose („Carmen"),
Capulet ("Romeo and Juliet"), etc. 

Olesia Šaitanova

In 2013 Olesia Shaytanova graduated from the Kiev State Ballet School with honours. In that same year she became a soloist with the Ukraine National Opera and Ballet Theatre, and since 2016 she has been a principle with the LNOBT. Her awards include first prize at the 6th Rudolf Nureyev International Ballet competition in Budapest (2013), first prize at the 4th International Istanbul Ballet competition (2014) and first prize at the 5th Beijing International Ballet Invitational for Dance Schools (Dance Performance Series; 2014). With various companies O. Shaytanova performed in Greece, Italy, Japan, Germany and Korea.

The dancer has previously created the roles of Odette and Odile (“Swan Lake”), Bluebird and Princess Aurora (“The Sleeping Beauty”), Clara (“The Nutcracker”), Kitri (“Don Quixote”), Giselle (“Giselle”), Juliet (“Romeo and Juliet”), Medora (“Le Corsaire”), Gamzatti and Nikiya (“La Bayadere”), Cinderella (“Cinderella”), Snow White (“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”), Paquita (“Paquita”).

Repertoire at the LNOBT includes:
Kitri (“Don Quixote”)
Juliet (“Romeo and Juliet”)


Stanislav Semianiura


Stanislav Semianiura was born in Brest in 1989. In 2000 he entered the Belarusian Choreographic College and studied in the class of L. E. Matusevich and A. I. Kolyadenko. He graduated in 2009 and was accepted as a ballet artist with the Bolshoi theatre of Minsk. Since 2011 he has been a member of the LNOBT’s ballet company. S. Semianiura toured in Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Kenya, Egypt, China, Italy, United Arab Emirates.

Repertoire includes: Prince (“The Nutcracker”), Count Cherry (“Cipollino”), Blue bird (“Sleeping Beauty”), Prince Desire (“Sleeping Beauty”), Franz (“Blue Danube”), Persian dance (“Blue Danube”), Rab (“La Bayadere”), Indian dance (“La Bayadere”), Kay (“Snow Queen”), etc. 



Genadij Žukovskij


In 2008 Genadij Žukovskij graduated from the Belarusian State Choreographic College (U. A. Azimov’s class) and started performing at the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarusand also danced during the ballet festival in Kasan. He has been a soloist with the LNOBT since 2011.


G. Žukovskij performed in Egypt, Italy, Syria, Lebanon,South Korea, China, Cyprus and elsewhere. His roles include: Pas de trios (“Swan Lake”), Golden Idol (“La Bayadere”), Akteon (“La Esmeralda”), Lankendem (“La Corsaire”), Bluebird (“The Sleeping Beauty”), Pas de deux (“Giselle”), Count Cherry (“Cipollino”), Romeo (“Romeo and Juliet”), Prince (“The Nutcracker”), Tristan (“Tristan and Isolde”), Prince Siegfried („Swan Lake"), Prince Desire („Sleeping Beauty"), Basil ("Don Quixote"),  etc.